National Association of Professional Accountants

The Registered Professional Accountants Association of Canada (RPAC) is an organization, whose purpose is to develop and support, at a national level, the professional accountant members of it provincial counterparts, Registered Public Accountants Association of Alberta (RPAA) and  Atlantic & Quebec (RPAA-ATL).

The Registered Public/Professional Accounting designation is accredited and administered by the licensed provincial bodies. Accredited RPAC Members go through a rigorous process of study, course completion and Mandatory Accreditation Examinations, before admission into their provincial Association.

No wonder then that RPAC members, are rightfully known as the “Small Business Tax Experts”.

Many members work with family-run, independent business owners, helping them navigate through the labyrinth of Canada’s tax regulations, personal and corporate tax filing, GST (& HST), payroll, bookkeeping and the preparation of financial statements.

Business owners achieve “peace of mind” when working with an RPAC member, due to their accessibility, expertise and affordable service options.

Registered Public/Professional Accountants are highly sought after, as accountants and controllers of companies, or by small business owners, seeking guidance and expertise for their financial and taxation needs.

Note: RPAC does not manage or administer the education or accreditation for accountants wishing to achieve a Registered Public/Professional Accounting designation.